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he’s an unfailingly affable raconteur… It’s all fascinating stuff
— The New Yorker
An absorbing portrait of a city and society in continual flux, as told by someone who has lived through it, Off the Meter, on the Record makes for an extremely satisfying journey.
— The Epoch Times
uproarious and moving
— TheaterScene
Hilarious…It’s hard to think of anyone who could who could do justice to the New York cabby’s life better than John McDonagh
— Theatre’s Leiter Side
it’s a gem
— Curtain Up
Had Mark Twain driven a yellow cab instead of a riverboat, his stories might’ve been like those of populist raconteur John McDonagh
— Woman Around Town

A comedic glimpse into 40 years behind the wheel of a New York City yellow taxi, Off The Meter is a pithy social commentary from New York’s most recognizable cab driver about life spent behind the wheel.

 John McDonagh, veteran radio host, has condensed thirty-plus years of activism, reality show antics and observation into a love song to the city that never sleeps.

From the plight of the NYC homeless to the crazy demands of Upper East Side matrons, McDonagh brings the audience from laughter to tears and back again faster than the apparition of umbrella dealers on a rainy day. Throw in his tales of brushes with the rich and famous, and you have Irish storytelling at its best.


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